Enter the market now

No need for a cash deposit

So fast and simple

Deposit bonds

Are as Good as Cash

Deposit bonds are accepted, secure & simple, just like cash. 

Is a No Cash Down Deposit

Secure property without using the standard cash deposit.

Lets You Buy Now, Pay the Deposit Later

Free up your cash commitment or keep it in other investments.

Has No Ongoing Fees or Interest

Deposit bonds have a one-off fee averaging $1,000*

There are so many benefits to using a deposit bond and here are some of them


You’re ready to buy but you don’t have the deposit in cash. A deposit bond removes that pretty big hurdle so you can buy the property faster.


You can use a deposit bond at auction or private treaty, buy all types of property and have the added flexibility of getting a deposit bond so quickly.

Save thousands

We’ve done the maths – you can save thousands by letting your money work harder in other investments or by keeping it in an off-set account.

Secure & trusted

We’re good for it.
Our deposit bonds are A+ rated. You can’t get more secure than that.