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What Are Deposit Bonds?

Deposit Bonds are used in place of the cash deposit the purchaser needs to pay when they sign a contract of sale. It acts as a guarantee of the deposit payment. At settlement, the purchaser simply pays the full purchase price including the deposit.

Deposit Bonds are also known as a Deposit Guarantee.

They are widely accepted and trusted throughout Australia as a means of securing a property purchase. In fact, Deposit Power has helped over one million buyers and sellers in the property sale process. They are legal in every state and territory across Australia. It can be issued for all or part of the deposit amount required, up to 10% of the purchase price.

Deposit Power Deposit Bonds can be issued to purchase most types of properties with settlement terms to match the needs of the purchaser. Most property purchases settle within 6 months or sooner but there are many other situations that require a longer settlement term, such as properties under construction and off-the-plan purchases.

They are economical with only a one-off fee required. There are no ongoing fees or interest charges. The fee varies depending on the term of the Deposit Bonds and the amount required.

The fee for a Short-Term Guarantee is only 1.3% of the Guarantee amount. So, the fee for a Guarantee of $50,000 will only be $650.

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Buying a Home

Deposit Bonds are a great alternative to a cash deposit when:es:

Buying a property at auction: A Deposit Bond is an efficient solution and a much better alternative than having to set aside a lump sum of cash every time you attend an auction

Your equity is tied up in your current property: A Deposit Bond is useful when your funds are tied up in selling and buying a property at the same time, or when your equity is stuck in your existing property and you are looking to:

Upsize to a larger property

Downsize your existing property

Buy an investment property

First home buyer

Buy your next property off-the-plan

First Homebuyers

A Deposit Bond is a perfect alternative when buying your first home but do not have access to the full cash deposit when entering into a purchasing contract. A Deposit Bond can also assist those who cannot access their government grant, due to it not being available until after settlement.

Investment Property Buyers

Deposit Bonds can be used to purchase both residential and commercial property. A Deposit Bond is a useful tool for investors who want to defer the payment of their cash deposit, particularly when your LVR is between 70% to 100%.

New Home & Land Buyers

Deposit Bonds can be used as a substitute for your cash deposit when purchasing a new home including registered or unregistered land packages.

Commercial Property Buyers

Commercial or business properties such as units, retail, office, storage space, commercially zoned vacant land, individual factory units or general business premises can be bought using Deposit Bonds.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Self-Managed Super Funds can use Deposit Bonds to purchase investment property.


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