A+ credit rating

Secure and Trusted

So fast and simple

Keep your cash liquid

Break free. You no longer need to tie up cash for a long time.


No security required. Keep your assets ‘free’ for other opportunities.

Save thousands

So your money can work harder in other investments.

Move quickly

No need to sell other investments or scramble to put together a deposit.

What is a deposit bond?

A deposit bond is a digital certificate used instead of a standard cash deposit. It simply guarantees the deposit and lets you delay the payment of the deposit until settlement.

Our bonds are A+ rated, secure and trusted.

What it is

A deposit guarantee

Secure as cash

Legal and trusted

Widely accepted

What it isn’t

A home loan

A bank guarantee


Full of red tape

Deposit Power Pros (there are no cons)

It’s as good as cash

No cash down

It’s fast and painless

Buy now, pay the deposit later

No ongoing fees or interest

Removes stress and anxiety

Deposit bonds can be used for

Auction or private treaty

Property deposits of up to 10% of the purchase price

Settlement terms up to 5.5 years