Deposit bonds are great for securing investment properties

Housing is Australia’s single largest asset class. According to CoreLogic, taxation statistics showed that there are over 2 million individual property investors.

As a property investor, you understand the importance of leverage and the need to make your money work harder for you. Saving for a deposit is something that takes time and patience, but you want to add another property to your portfolio sooner, rather than later.

The good news is you can secure your next property without using cash. Use a deposit bond instead!

A deposit bond is an alternative to the cash deposit required when signing a contract to buy a property. A deposit bond enables you to delay the payment of the cash deposit until you take ownership of the property at settlement. At settlement, you will have to pay the full purchase price to the vendor.

Deposit bonds can be used to secure residential property, commercial property or to buy a property in your name, or in an SMSF or trust structure.


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