You’ve done all the hard work getting the customer’s loan pre-approved so they can go to auction.  But as we all know, the auction process is very stressful for many people. So below are some tips to help them achieve success. We also discuss auction clearance rates and share the benefits of Deposit Bonds over bank guarantees.

By way of background, when I first moved to Sydney, I helped my brother in his newly launched conveyancing business in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  At the time, I noticed that a lot of people buying property at auctions were not comfortable in bidding.  In fact, it was a very stressful process often ending in tears. So, after going along to some auctions and observing what went on, I developed some strategies that worked well to help people secure their property.

So below are our tips for bidding at auction which might help take the stress out of the process for them and more importantly, lead them to winning at auction.  After all, you’ve secured them the loan approval, so you want them to get the property!

Enjoy reading and please feel free to forward this useful resource to colleagues, customers, family and friends.