Automatic Online
Approval and Issue

How to apply for a Deposit Guarantee

Deposit Power is the only Deposit Guarantee provider who provides an online system where a broker can have the guarantee approved AND issued online. Indeed over 80% of all applications are approved and issued online via the simple intuitive process. Our system puts you in control, and with no involvement from Deposit Power, delivers a real-time service for your customers.

If your customer meets the online qualifying criteria, the Deposit Guarantee will be immediately approved by the online system and once the fee is paid, the Deposit Guarantee will be issued automatically. You will immediately receive an email copy and the original will be mailed via express post same day.

If your customer does not meet the automated qualifying process, the application will be referred to one of our assessors for evaluation. In these instances, you will need to upload the application form and supporting documents and send to us.

As a registered Deposit Power broker, you can apply on line at any time simply by clicking on the green ‘Login’ button above. If you are not a registered broker, click on the ‘Agent Registration’ button below. Alternatively, you can always use the manual forms and send to us for assessment. These forms are in the ‘Forms & Fact Sheets’ tab.

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