Market leader for over 30 years

Over 1 million happy buyers and sellers

A+ rating - S&P and A.M. Best

There’s nothing worse than missing out.

But with all the cashed-up competition, red tape and hoops to jump, you sadly get used to it.

Then there’s that not-so-little thing called the deposit.

When we started Deposit Power, to give people a real chance, the odds were stacked against us too. Nobody was doing deposit bonds. It takes a lot of time, money and explaining to change the habits of an industry.

We’ve got an A+ rating, matched it with A+ people, created 24/7 software that gives people the ticket to the game. And even though we’re still the best kept secret in property, word has got out that you can secure a place without the cash, or the strings attached.

Happily, people are getting very used to it.

Deposit Power bonds are safe and secure.

Deposit Power has been issuing deposit bonds in Australia for over 30 years and is widely accepted by real estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers and vendors.

Deposit Power is an authorised agent of HDI Global Specialty SE (HDI).

HDI is a global insurance group with 9 branches operating in 19 countries across the world and 120 years experience in offering international insurance.

HDI holds a financial strength rating of A+ from both Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best.

HDI are part of the Talanx Group, which has an annual premium income amounting to EUR 53.4 bn.

Deposit Power bonds are as good as cash.