Flying Solo Successfully

You CAN grow and prosper your Mortgage Broking business!

The market is constantly changing and the key to staying successful is staying ahead of the news and evolving with the market and your existing customers.

In addition to working on your referrals and getting new customers, most successful mortgage brokers understand that they have to work their CRM and keep in contact with people from the past – those who have made a loan inquiry as well as those who have applied for loans through them.

Contact may be in the form of a simple email sent regular, a call or a coffee catch up if you are in the area. As these customers progress through life, their housing needs will change e.g. upgrading, downgrading, relocating to another city, buying an investment property, refinancing a loan. You want to be the first person that pops to mind when they are thinking of finance. You also want to be the name that comes up when their friends and family have a change in circumstances and are considering selling or buying. You need to be the one your contacts talk about as word of mouth is a very strong selling point.

Rewarding your customers and adding a personal touch does not have to be expensive or difficult. Some brokers send their customer a bottle of wine when their property settles. Some reward their recommenders with a thank you bottle of wine. The key is to think outside of the box and make your customer services more personalised and memorable.

You can also grow your business by recommending your customers use a Deposit Guarantee and earn a commission for every Deposit Guarantee issued.

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